Introducing WHCC’s Sponsored Speakers for Imaging USA 2016

Learn photography fundamentals, marketing strategies + more!

Instructor Drake Busath gives you what you need to separate yourself from the competition and command the price tag and value that your work is worth!

Watch and learn as Drake discusses the outdoor lighting techniques that will create more impactful, dynamic portraits. Explore studio lighting and discover how to create soft, natural light in-studio that is as good as anything in nature!

You'll learn how to better work with your subjects, grouping and posing your clients to give each image story, emotion and depth.

Drake Busath

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Ashley Brooke

Your brand should truly identify you and your business – not just reflect what sells or is trendy or popular.

Ashley Brooke Chambers is here to show you how to take your ideas – the big dreams and the little details – and combine it all into one cohesive brand that reflects you and your business. Learn the strategies that will give your studio that extra personality punch; discover how the right “team work makes the dream work.” From products and employees to social media and advertising, Ashley Brooke is here to give you the tools and tips you need to make your brand a household name. Don’t miss out!

Tim Walden

A Walden black & white portrait is a powerful image for many reasons, and during this course, you’ll learn why.

Discuss the four cornerstones – Lighting, Posing, Composition and Emotion – that Tim Walden uses in every image and why they’re so important. Learn how these all fit together to create the iconic and widely recognized Walden portraits. Best of all; discuss how you can incorporate Tim’s knowledge and expertise into your own photography! But it doesn’t stop there.

Join the Walden's Coaching CommunityView Drake's Upcoming Workshops

Jerry Ghionis

In this course, instructor and master of communication Jerry Ghionis shows you how to effortlessly evoke emotion from your subjects so that your pictures tell the stories your clients will love!

Jerry has the magic touch, and regardless of how reserved or serious a couple maybe, he is able to pull out the passion, the fun and yes, even the humor in any relationship. Learn how Jerry does what he does. Discover how a healthy blend of proactive and reactive photography will give you the results you want and tell a more emphatic, powerful story for your clients.

In this workshop, pet photographer extraordinaire, Kim Hartz, discusses how you can develop your artistic style and keep it fresh. You’ll learn how you can continually evolve, challenge yourself and in doing so, create images that your clients will love! Best of all, Kim shares how to do this, not by deviating from your own unique style but by developing products and branding that compliment who you are.

Why be who you’re not when you can develop a style that you love, one that will put and keep you on the map? Kim can show you how!

Kim Hartz

Learn More from Kim through Her Consulting Site

Cindy Swanson

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Storey Wilkins

Watch a true master at work as Storey Wilkins shows you her magic touch with family portraits. You’ll learn how to orchestrate the poses, the prompts and the emotion to create the perfect moment – again and again and again. Discover how to make your clients look, and even feel, relaxed. Incorporate fun and laughter into your photos; and capture the experience, not just the expressions. Storey can show you all of this and more!

Family Portraiture, The Advanced Class
Sunday 1/10 5-6:15pm
GWCC, Sidney J. Marcus Auditorium, Level 4

Cindy Swanson has built THE brand in her area by creating an all-around experience for her clients. From the consultation and welcome packet to styling the wardrobe, hair and makeup, posing and lighting. Cindy teaches you how to differentiate your studio and develop your brand. Learn the details of how she scouts for that perfect light, her senior model rep program as well as some key partnerships she's developed. Discover how to use social media as a key marketing tool.

You'll learn each and every detail of the customer experience from the initial inquiry to a successful photo shoot to the final product delivery


Images that Speak
Monday 1/11 10-11:30am
GWCC, Room A411/A412, Level 4

Putting the Personality Back in Your Business
Tuesday 1/12 8-9:30am
GWCC, Room A302, Level 3

The Art of Evoking Emotion
Tuesday 1/12 10-11:30am
GWCC, Room A411/A412, Level 4

Developing your Artistic Vision & Style in Pet Photography
Tuesday 1/12 10-11:30am
GWCC, Room A302, Level 3

Taking Your Seniors from “Good to Great”
Tuesday 1/12 3:30-4:45pm
GWCC, Room A313/A314, Level 3

Finessing the Family Portrait
Tuesday 1/12-5:15-6:30pm
GWCC, Room A302, Level 3

Sarah Petty

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Learn More from Sarah through the Joy of Marketing

Marketing whiz Sarah Petty is here to give you her 3 marketing ideas to help you attract more of the RIGHT clients.

1. The number one way to take the emphasis off price and have clients begging for what you have.
2. What your biggest asset is and the good news is, you already have it.
3. What to do when business is slow to generate income that doesn’t include discounting. Soak in how to build a database, create your dog whistle and find the right clients.

This is a must for anyone who is in the market!

3 Marketing Activities to Build a Six Figure Photography Business
Tuesday 1/12 5:15-6:30pm
Omni, International Ballroom DEF, Ballroom Level

Learn More from Dan through The Valt

Dan Frievalt

Instructor Dan Frievalt teaches how to create a funky, artistic theme session that will get the teenagers in your town talking about you – and booking their senior sessions at your studio! Today's high schoolers are looking for something new, innovative and customized to them. Learn what Dan does, how he does it, and why the seniors love it!

Traditional ways of marketing have gone out the window! Discover how these sessions can create a viral marketing buzz that far surpasses any advertising or PR campaign you conduct. Best of all, watch your senior sessions book up in no time!

Funky Fashion Seniors
Tuesday 1/12 5:15pm-6:30pm
GWCC, Sidney J. Marcus Auditorium, Level 4

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